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Here at "Mark Sullens E85 Carburetors" we do things a bit different than the other guys.

We build E85 carburetors, E85 only.

Building our carburetors and conversions one at a time, giving each carburetor the attention it deserves.

When you work on one thing and one thing only you become very good at what you do.

Some say we are the “Custom E85 Carburetor Experts”. With endorsements from people like Braswell Carburetion and BLP (Bo Laws Performance), we would tend to think that we are doing something right.

Between the quality parts, quick turn around times, excellent customer service, and the attention to your needs after the sale we are quickly becoming the place to come to for your E85 Carburetor or Conversion needs.

We do not use a Flow Bench or a Dyno, as we have yet to see a Flow Bench make a pass down the track, we feel these tune-ups will only get you close at best.

This is why we use what we know, our racers and our Innovate LM2*.

Mark Sullens personally uses E85 in his Drag Chevette, and he is constantly testing new calibrations and carburetors so that he can provide you with the best E85 carburetor out there.

Our carburetor builds come from years of personal and professional testing and YOU, our customers.

When we build your carburetor, we use build sheets that best matches your vehicle. These build sheets are based off of previous tests and customers’ car combinations that have been “track tested”. These files are used as a base line for your calibration and are sometimes tweaked to meet your specific needs to provide you the best product we can build.

I ask that our customers call us with positive updates and changes made to both the carburetor and the cars so that we can log the changes into their own personal and confidential file.

This will do two things, one- help us build better carburetors for future customers and two- give our customers a base tune-up to fall back on if for some reason they out think themselves and loose a working tune-up.

We have produced several winners’ carburetors, from back to back Super Chevy Show True Street wins to NHRA track championships, here at Mark Sullens E85 Carburetors We have what it takes to build you what you need.

If you have a street car, drag racer, circle tracker, demolition derby, mud racer, rock crawler, or any other and your interested in E85 ……. Contact Us Today!